The Importance of Regular Cleaning For Businesses and Commercial Spaces

A spotless workplace leaves a lasting impression on visitors, clients and candidates alike - not to mention it enhances your brand image!

Untidy office spaces give off an unprofessional impression and may turn away potential customers from your business.

A disorganized appearance not only leaves a bad impression on your audience, but it may also contribute to employee sick days and decreased productivity. Establishing an organized cleaning schedule will guarantee your commercial space remains spotless and healthy at all times.

1. Healthier Environment

Regular cleaning for businesses and commercial spaces cannot be overstated. A clean environment has numerous advantages for staff and customers alike, not to mention increased productivity and a good reputation in the long run.

One of the primary advantages of a clean workspace is that it can reduce sick days. Germs have more difficulty spreading when they haven't been exposed before, so keeping your workspace hygienic and tidy will help prevent illness among employees.

Another advantage of regular office cleaning is that it improves air quality. Because many people spend most of their time indoors, polluted air inside an office or commercial space can lead to numerous health issues for everyone who works there, including coughing, headaches, allergies and respiratory ailments.

People exposed to these pollutants may experience difficulty focusing, leading to decreased productivity or even depression. This has an immense effect on their performance at work and could have a detrimental effect on their mental health as well.

It's also worth noting that a messy, dirty or dusty workplace can be highly attractive to germs and bacteria that could spread from person to person within the work space. Therefore, all employees should have their workspace professionally cleaned and disinfected regularly.

A quality cleaning service should also use products that are more eco-friendly, which can be safer for your workers' health and less likely to trigger allergic reactions in those sensitive to certain chemical elements.

The environment plays a vital role in our wellbeing, and is of major concern to the World Health Organisation. Estimates suggest that 12 million people die annually as a result of environmental health hazards like pollution or inadequate water and sanitation facilities.

2. Increased Productivity

Cleaning an office space can have a dramatic impact on how productive employees are. According to Staples Corporation's study, 94 percent of workers felt more productive in a clean workspace.

Another way a clean workspace can boost productivity is by eliminating distractions. Studies have demonstrated that clutter and dirt in an office can cause people to become distracted by various stimuli such as personal belongings, food, and a lack of cleanliness.

Businesses and commercial spaces face a major problem when clutter prevents staff from performing essential work tasks. A messy workspace also hinders employees from performing their jobs to their full capacity, leading to higher employee turnover rates and reduced profitability overall.

Businesses and commercial spaces should regularly book commercial cleaning services to keep their environments as spick-and-span as possible, while also addressing any safety hazards that may exist.

Maintaining your workplace cleanliness on a regular basis can help to reduce the amount of sick days taken by employees. According to estimates, the average worker misses nine days due to illness each year, costing you money in lost productivity.

The fewer sick days your employees take, the better for your business as a whole. Sicknesses can have an immense effect on both team productivity and customer service levels. Therefore, it is important to limit sick days as much as possible in order to maximize productivity levels and avoid potential disruptions.

Maintaining a clean workspace not only encourages healthy habits among your workers, but it can also have an advantageous effect on their productivity. A well-kept workspace makes it simpler for them to keep track of important information, materials, and supplies.

Furthermore, having a clean workplace can increase employee satisfaction with their jobs. This is because they will feel more motivated to complete tasks in an organized and tidy fashion, leading to improved efficiency and productivity in the long run.

3. Increased Reputation

A well-kept commercial space will likely attract more customers than one that has been left to chance. Not only will a well-maintained building look good on the outside, but it also helps your employees feel good about coming into work each day. Clutter free workspaces not only save you time but actually improve productivity by encouraging focus and creativity within the workspace.

Maintaining your commercial space clean is achievable in several ways, from hiring a professional cleaning service to regular upkeep like vacuuming and dusting. A great way to start is by establishing company policies that require employees to follow guidelines on how to clean their own spaces. Not only does this save you money in the long run but it will make your commercial space more inviting to both current and potential clients alike. The key lies in cultivating an encouraging workplace culture that will endure long after employees have left your office door.

4. Less Sick Days

In addition to saving your business money, regular cleaning can keep employees healthy and prevent them from becoming sick. Studies show that people who work in clean environments take fewer sick days than those who do not.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), lost productivity due to sick employees costs U.S. employers an estimated $227 billion annually. This cost includes both missed wages from workers who cannot go to work as well as medical expenses associated with workers who become ill or injured.

Maintaining a clean office will reduce germs that could lead to illness and boost employee morale. Furthermore, having an organized workspace makes it simpler for staff members to focus on their tasks, leading to improved productivity levels.

Therefore, scheduling commercial cleaning on a regular basis is essential. This could be as often as once a week or once a month depending on how often your clients visit.

Professional cleaning services can make your workplace healthier and increase productivity. They use safe products that everyone in the office can breathe, which may reduce allergy symptoms or asthma attacks.

Cleaning an office helps reduce bacteria that cause illnesses like coughs, sore throats and urinary tract infections. Furthermore, mold spores and other airborne pathogens may be present in unclean spaces which could have an adverse effect on health.

It's essential to regularly clean all areas of your building. By having a dedicated cleaning team or person assigned the task, these areas won't go overlooked, increasing efficiency and productivity throughout all offices.

In addition to helping your business avoid costly sick days, a clean environment can also enhance its reputation. When clients or potential customers enter your space, they'll be able to see that you take pride in how your company runs and are concerned for both employees' and customers' wellbeing.

As a cleaning company, you likely have various clients that come and go from your offices on a daily or weekly basis. It is essential to have an organized system in place for tracking these clients, managing their schedules, and communicating with them. Connecteam is one such digital solution which can help with this task effectively.

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