The Top Cleaning Hacks For Busy Parents

As a busy mom, keeping your home tidy can seem like an endless chore. But these cleaning hacks will help you reduce that daily to-do list and leave your house looking and smelling great!

Kitchens are often visited multiple times a day, making them great spaces to delegate tasks!

1. Start Every Day at the Same Time

Maintaining a clean home when you have kids or pets can be daunting. And seeing other moms' perfectly organized homes on social media sites may give you the impression that your house will never be perfect!

One of the best ways to keep your house tidy and uncluttered is by creating good cleaning habits. Begin by creating a schedule and sticking with it; this will ensure that your space gets decluttered regularly so you don't have to spend hours doing chores.

Another excellent cleaning hack for busy parents is to make it a habit of starting each day by tidying up and putting away things. Not only will this give you a fresh start, but it will also teach your children how to pick up after themselves and tidy away after themselves.

By teaching your kids this habit of putting away toys after they finish playing, you can reduce toy clutter and make cleaning up easier!

Toy rotation is an effective way to keep your children's toys organized and it teaches them to appreciate what they already own. Instead of bringing out all the toys at once, rotate them monthly so that none are always in play.

Make it a habit of having everyone pick up their belongings before going to bed each night. Not only will this help reinforce the message that their room must be tidy before bed, but it will also keep your house cleaner and tidy!

2. Declutter Regularly

Decluttering is an excellent way to save yourself time when it comes to cleaning your home. But getting started can be daunting when you have a hectic schedule. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that will help you declutter quickly and effortlessly!

One of the best ways to start decluttering your house is by designating each item a designated spot. Make sure small items like keys, jewelry and makeup all have their own designated place so they'll always be neat and tidy.

Aside from making it simpler to locate items, giving each item in your house its own space can also reduce stress and anxiety. Studies show that a messy home can actually have an adverse effect on our moods.

Another effective hack is to create a daily decluttering routine. This could include clearing away mail or throwing away any clutter that builds up.

Decluttering is essential, as clutter tends to build up much faster than you can remove it. Set a goal for how many items you want to discard from your home each year and strive to do this on an ongoing basis.

If you don't have time to declutter every day, set aside a certain time each week or month to do it. Doing this will help create an organized habit that will ensure your home remains clutter-free in the future.

With any new cleaning or decluttering habit, it's essential to create a system that works for you. Whether that means asking for assistance, setting up natural declutterers or using baskets as storage, taking time to make these tips effective will pay dividends in the end!

3. Use Baskets for Storage

Baskets are an ideal way to organize your home. Not only that, but they add a stylish touch as well.

Basket storage can be especially helpful in small spaces, as it makes use of otherwise wasted space for storage. For instance, you could hang a basket near your sofa or cupboard to conveniently stash items that need quick access.

Wicker baskets are another great way to declutter your closet. These containers come in various sizes and colors, so you're sure to find one that works for you.

In your kids' playroom, invest in some baskets to organize all their toys and keep it neat. You can also use them for storing art supplies or sports equipment.

If your kitchen is overrun with clutter, try hanging baskets to free the counter top. Not only do they make it simple to stack fruits and veggies without taking up valuable counter space, but they look adorable hanging on the wall too!

When cleaning your baskets, be sure to thoroughly remove any dust or dirt that has built up on them. You can do this by hand washing in warm water with mild soap, gently scrubbing with clean hands before rinsing until sparkling clean.

You can purchase a set of baskets with labels, making it simple to identify what's inside each one and quickly locate anything necessary. These are especially beneficial for busy parents who need efficient organization and storage of their possessions.

4. Create a Toy Rotation

Toy rotation is an efficient and effective way to organize toys, keep kids occupied for longer periods of time, and encourage them to take ownership over their play spaces - an essential step in their development. It also encourages parents and guardians to help maintain order in their home.

Begin by sorting your children's toys into categories based on type and function (e.g., stuffed animals, building toys, books). Then create toy rotation boxes with these toys inside; you may even create seasonal boxes according to the season.

Establishing categories for toys will enable you to decide which ones your children enjoy playing with and which ones need to go. It also helps keep track of their preferences as they get older and learn new abilities.

Once you've identified all of your children's toys, organize them into rotation boxes that are easy for your children to locate and put away. Label the containers with words or pictures so they know which box contains which set of toys.

You might want to include some larger items in each rotation set, so your children can get creative with those pieces. For instance, if you have a large plastic pony toy and train puzzle, why not include them together in one box? This makes pairing easier and prevents begging for each of them when the rotation is over.

Finally, create a toy inventory log to keep track of which toys are being played with and when they were last used. This will save time later when it's time to gather up all your toys and put them away, plus it keeps your children motivated to help out!

5. Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Store-bought cleaning products often contain hazardous chemicals that can be hazardous for both you and your family. By making your own cleaners from scratch, you can eliminate these toxins from your home while saving a substantial amount of money in the process!

Most homemade cleaners use three key ingredients: vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. These common kitchen items can be easily mixed together to create various cleaners that require minimal ingredients.

Another advantage of making your own cleaning products is that you know exactly what's in them. Most often, all it takes is a bit of liquid detergent in a bowl of water to create an all-purpose cleaner suitable for all surfaces.

There is a growing selection of green cleaning products on the market that are both eco-friendly and safe to use. They contain minimal toxicity, low VOCs, and are made with sustainable manufacturing, packaging and disposal methods that conserve energy and resources throughout their lifetime.

Some of these green cleaning products can even reduce the need for disposable wipes. By swapping out disposable wipes with a home-made all-purpose spray and microfibre cloth, you'll reduce the amount of waste your family produces.

Though it may take more effort than simply running to the store and buying a bottle of cleaner, the money you will save by making your own cleaning products is well worth the extra effort! With just how much easier it is than going to the store to buy items in bulk, making your own cleaners is definitely worth the extra time and effort!

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